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Naked Festival ver.2.0 (Language: English)

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Circle  :  e-ohkoku
Website :  http://www.e-ohkoku.jp/
Release :  Sep/06/2010
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Doujin GameOthers (Game) / Rock-Paper-Scissors Game
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Windows2000 / WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7 / Windows8 / MacOSX
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In Japan, there's a unique naughty game called "yakyu-ken." Its literal translation doesn't mean anything, and the circle would describe it as "Naked Festival."
Please enjoy this simple Rock-Paper-Scissors stripping game.

You are to play the game against a selected girl. When you win, the opponent takes off her outfit one by one.
You are the winner when you succeed in making her naked. The total number of girls are over 200!
After the match, you can change clothes of the defeated girl.

How to play:
After extracting the downloaded file, start from either "start.html" or "nakedFestival.exe" in the folder.
For mac users, please start from "mac" in MAC_nakedFestival folder.

* About this game
User support is available only for DLsite.com members.
The circle will not release the sequel until the number of characters surpasses 400.

Operational Requirements

Work Number
File / Size
RE065662.zip / 32.5MB (34073824Byte)
This is the ENGLISH version translated by the circle.

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4 user reviews

Decent Strip game

Mar/09/2015  By misuta

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For the money you spend it's a well done rock, paper, scissors strip game. And the creators did a good job at making a wide variety of characters to play or play against. So there is quite the range for characters as old as death note to code geass and a bit further(pardon me if this isn't an accurate or help range). Don't let the chibi in the preview discourage you, Its only an avatar for when you throwing you hand/playing rock, paper, scissors. Once a winner is determined it immediately goes to the strip round which is a well drawn full size pose of the character. The game goes till you or your opponent are naked and thats it nothing after so its what it says on the tin "Naked Festival".

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Are you lucky?

Mar/15/2011  By PapersamuraiTop 50 Reviewer

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Actually, I suppose that isn't too big of a hindrance to be unlucky in this. Paper-rock-scissors with stripping: How to make ANY game better!

Okay, most paper-rock-scissors games do punish those with a tendency of bad luck. This is avoidable. Just pick an avatar you want to see naked as well so win or lose, you get what you want! Personally, I appreciate this feature. I tend to have bad luck in games of chance.

Overall, this is a pretty good value. It's not a perfect work, but the stills are nice and the progression from start to nude is VERY satisfying.

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Pick Up

One of the most extensive of its kind

Sep/08/2010  By SutorippuTop : 6 Reviewer

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Ero Ero Ohkoku's Yakyuken game is probably one of the most well-known on the internet, primarily because of its numerous characters, various challenge levels, inclusion of characters both new and old, and great artwork typical of the circle. By now, if you don't know what yakyuken is, you can take a guess just by looking at this game. So, the premise is, you select a character, then select a character to play against, and several matches of rock-paper-scissors later, one of you is going to end up naked. Fun, right?

The character list is pretty intense. It covers anime, games, internet memes from Japan, and celebrities. One should note that not all characters here are female, but girls clearly have the majority here, and there's something to tickle everyone's fancy: lolis, massive tits, idols, mecha pilots, mercenaries, magical girls, it's got it all. But, since this is an English version, how different is it from what most people who play strip games (such as myself) will recognize as what is probably Ero Ero Ohkoku's most famous game in its native Japanese? ... Well, the ability to actually read the characters' names without being able to read Japanese, and the short message at the end of the character's embarrassment at being naked. That's about it.

Is it good? Yes. Does it have replay value? Yes. Should I buy this? ... Well, since we'd all like to see more games by the circle who brought us this masterpiece, I would say, why not. The only story to the game is whatever situation you could come up with in your head to explain why your opponents are playing yakyuken against one another, but I guess that's part of the fun. So, enjoy!

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Pick Up

Simple but fun

Sep/07/2010  By LBGTop 50 Reviewer

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Normally I'd start by explaining the gameplay, but I don't think anyone made it out of childhood without playing this game at least once.

What we do have here is an absolute tonne of content for such a simple game. Unlike a lot of image sets that exaggerate the amount content, there really is over 200 characters to choose from here. There's a variety from anime, games, originals, and even a few joke characters thrown in. The art is good quality, and there's a little bit of animation on many of the characters (giggling breasts, blinking, changing facial expressions, etc.). Unlike a lot of hentai RPS games I've seen, this one avoids any sort of frustration factor by making the player one of the girls (your choice); thus even if you lose, you still get to see one of the girls strip. The number of clothing pieces is pretty variable from character to character, some having as few as 4-5, others having over 10.

There's no sex or anything hardcore, but full nudity on the majority of the characters (all get naked, but a few are posed such that you don't get to see 'everything'). After winning or losing, you can go back and see every stage of undressing again. All in all, it's quick fun, easy to play and pretty much guarenteed there will be characters from at least a few series you really like, and everything has been translated to make it easier to find characters. At less than $10, it's hard to go wrong here.

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